Monday, 11 June 2007

Review: Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale

Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale from Flying Dog Brewery
Rating: A-

Appearance: Brownish purple in color, attractive. Smallish head. Little retention due to the high alcohol.

Smell: Aroma is sweet, crisp, with dark fruit and underlying hops.

Taste: Solid enough bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malts. Caramel, berry, figs, and alcohol are all part of the flavor mix. Finish/aftertaste are reminiscent of a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, medium-full body. Carbonation a little light, but makes sense for the style.

Drinkability: Good, but alcohol is high and becomes increasingly "hot" as the beer warms.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 06-11-2007 19:53:11

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