Friday, 27 June 2008

Beer and Presidential Politics, pt 1

Howard sends in some fun beer recipes from The Hill for each presidential hopeful. The recipes were offered by John Schlimm, author of The Ultimate Beer Lovers Cookbook. For each individual, he has crafted a dish and a beer cocktail to accompany it.

On the Republican side:
  • For John McCain, a cheese steak sandwich with a "Red, White, & Blue," which actually sounds quite nice
  • For Cindy McCain, classic beer dip with a "Grand Dame," made with what appears to be half the liquor cabinet. I would have expected something named an "Ice Queen." The "Grand Dame" recipe calls for "beer draft foam" - it should call for Budweiser specifically, I'm sure!
On the Democrat side:
  • For Barack Obama, an elitist hummus wrap with "The Big O" or a "Dr. B"
  • For Michelle Obama, spice cake with a "Fire & Ice"
  • For Hillary Clinton, "Blazing Hot Wings" with a "Hoot & Holler"
  • And for Bill Clinton, "Squirrel Dinner for Two" with a root beer float (funny, I thought the Clintons' dish by now would be "toast")
Obviously some equal opportunity humor, but with the exception of the spice cake and the wings, I think the Republican recipes sound tastier!

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