Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Review: Full Sail IPA

Full Sail IPA from Full Sail Brewing Company
Rating: B-

Appearance: Fairly light golden/amber in color. Big white head that exhibits good retention and excellent lacing. Color a little lighter than I expect in an IPA, but good otherwise.

Smell: Maltier/grainier nose than I would expect. Earthy hops. Not nearly as hoppy as I'd expect in an IPA.

Taste: Slightly astringent, grapefruity hops - especially in the finish. Before that, much lighter flavor than I'd prefer in an IPA: some herbal hops, but not aggressive enough. Malts are a little sweet at the front of the palate.

Mouthfeel: Not bad, but nothing notable.

Drinkability: Easy-drinking, I suppose, but that's about it. There are many better IPAs out there.

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 04-24-2007 20:48:24

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