Tuesday, 23 September 2008

It Drink Pretty Good, Don't It?

A friend of mine sent me this priceless YouTube clip of what passes for debate in our state legislatures on alcohol-related issues a while ago, and now that Lew Bryson has posted on it as well I thought I'd move it up in the posting queue:

Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes' immortal words on the Free the Hops' efforts to lift the state's 6% abv cap have apparently become something of a cult phenomenon:
"Yeah, what's wrong wit de beer we got? I mean, the beer we got drink pretty good, don't it? Now, I ain't never heard nobody complain about the beer we have. It drink pretty good. Budweiser... What's the name of some of them other beers? Budweiser and what else? Miller? Coors, huh? It drink pretty good, don't it?"
For more information on Free the Hops, visit their website - maybe the momentum of this viral video can be harnessed to break through the political impasse on this subject:
Seventy-five years after Prohibition, beer aficionados in Alabama are fighting for the right to brew and chug as they please. That's raised the ire of Southern Baptists, who frown on alcohol in any form. As they jockey for advantage in the Legislature, one side quotes Scripture. The other cites BeerAdvocate.com. One talks morality. The other, malt.
Between MADD, teetotal religion and a broken political system, it's no wonder debate on this issue is stuck at the Alvin Holmes level.

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