Monday, 29 September 2008

Vote on an Important Beer Question

Charlie Papazian is giving his readers (via the Tampa Bay Examiner) a chance to vote on a question of some controversy to beer lovers: "does it matter who makes the beer you buy?"
  • Does it really matter that Blue Moon is made by MillerCoors?
  • Does it matter that Pilsner Urquell is made by SABMiller?
  • Does it matter the beers like the following are owned by the Belgian/Brazilian global brewing corporation called Inbev:
    • German brewed Becks and Diebels Altbier,
    • Belgian brewed Hoegarden and Leffe,
    • English brewed Bass and Boddington,
    • Australian brewed Castlemaine XXXX,
    • Irish brewed Murphy's Stout
    • Canadian brewed Labatt,
    • and likely soon Budweiser?
Currently the "yes" answers are running a combined 63%, but what do you think? Isn't quality the final arbiter, regardless of origin? (via Fark)

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