Monday, 27 October 2008

Florida Bar Trades Beer for Votes

A Florida bar is giving free beer in exchange for "I Voted" stickers:
The HandleBar in Pensacola is offering a free beer to anyone who votes. Customers must trade their “I Voted” stickers for the free drinks.

The offer is good for early voters and those who vote on Nov. 4.

This is the third year that the HandleBar has offered free beers to voters.
A somewhat related story: at my university fraternities and sororities would require their membership to turn its "I Voted" stickers on the day of student government elections, forming a formidable voting bloc. One year, an enterprising agent of the "non-Greek" party simply passed out "I Voted" stickers on the fraternity and sorority row buses all day long. (via Fark)

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