Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pushing the Boundaries of "Personal Use"

If you live in Sweden, you might manage to have 24,000 cans of beer declared "for personal use" by the authorities:
The couple has detained back in August 2006 when customs officials in Malmö stopped their minivan on the way back from a trip to Germany, reports the Pitea-Tidning newspaper.

An inspection of the van uncovered 2,692 litres of beer, 27 litres of wine, and 4.2 litres of hard liquor. In a subsequent search of the couple’s home in Pite√•, police discovered an additional stash of alcohol, as well as a journal which included people’s names, along with different sums and types of beer...

During the trial, the pair openly admitted to having transporting the alcohol from Germany into Sweden, but denied they had committed any crime since the beer, wine, and liquor was meant for personal use.

Specifically, the booze was meant to supply partygoers at their son’s upcoming 40th birthday party, the wife’s 60th birthday party, their daughter’s wedding, a friend’s 70th birthday party, and for a New Year’s party.
The judge agreed. Bravo. (via Fark)

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