Monday, 20 October 2008

Local Beer Tasting Results

This past Saturday, I attended a free beer tasting at my local Whole Foods billed as the "World Series of Beer." It proceeded tournament-style, two beers at a time, and those present would cast their vote for which beer of the two would move on in the tournament.

The beers included in the tasting were:
The overall champion was Dead Guy, beating Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale. Locally contract-brewed Holy Mackerel Golden Ale and Mac in Black were eliminated early. The women in the group seemed to like the two pumpkin beers and Old Chub, while men favored Dale's and the Rogue offerings.

Glad to see a local grocery holding this sort of event. It was obviously profitable for them - many of the participants could be found at the beer case afterwards, and it gave valuable information on consumer preferences. One quibble: larger sample sizes next time!

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