Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Controversy Over iPhone "Beer" Apps

Earlier, I was surprised that two very similar "beer" applications for the iPhone came out in such quick succession. As it turns out, foul play may have been involved:
Coors faces a $12.5 million lawsuit for allegedly copying a $3 beer-drinking novelty application that allows users to virtually drink a pint by tilting their iPhone.

Hottrix, a small company that develops "tricks" for mobile devices, filed a lawsuit alleging that Coors commited copyright infringement by copying its iPhone application iBeer. Both Hottrix's application and Coors' iPint display the image of a glass of beer on the iPhone's screen, which is emptied when a user tilts the handset about 90 degrees. Both apps launched in the App Store on July 11 -- the major difference being that iBeer cost $3 and iPint was free.

Coors has yet to comment on the suit.

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Anonymous said...

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