Sunday, 30 November 2008

Jet Powered Beer Cooling

I thought my counter-flow wort chiller for homebrewing was pretty cool, but Simon Jansen has harnessed jet power to cool down his beer:

Jansen set out to make the holy grail of many a maker: the homemade jet engine. In his Auckland garage, he welded his own combustor, bolted it to an old turbocharger, and added a leaf blower for air flow and a propane tank (sans regulator) for fuel...

Jansen's jet burned propane so fast that the tank rapidly iced up, dropping the fuel pressure. So he stood the tank in a tub of warm water. When a colleague remarked that the iced water could then chill beverages -- eureka!

If the same process could be used for cooling wort, he'd get double maker street cred. (via MAKE)

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