Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Reviving Conservatism With Beer

In the aftermath of the 2008 election and two terms of an administration which for many did not represent conservative or classically liberal values, there has been lots of discussion on how best to revive or reforge a conservative movement. What better way to debate the issues and the future than over a pint (or several) of craft beer?
The best idea I have heard so far is having lectures on conservative thought and conservative perspectives at a bar with great beer, and tomorrow night there's a particularly good one for folks in the DC area featuring Ed Whelan at the District Chophouse (I recommend the stouts, by the way). RSVP required, if you're interested.
I sincerely hope others follow suit - the brewpub as the new salon. I've had dealings with the ISI and have enjoyed the beer and food at District Chophouse. If my separate experiences with each are any indication, this promises to be a great event.

What beers might be specially brewed for such an occasion? Here are my own suggestions, feel free to offer your own in the comments:


Anonymous said...

ronald reagan (victory over) russia imperial stout

margaret thatcher's english strong ale

or how about a "vienna lager" for an austrian economist?

Seth R. Feldman said...

A nice point/counterpoint to the idea that there needs to be Obama-dedicated brews.

Admiral said...

Beautiful, Hunter. I certainly appreciate the inclusion of Mises in there. I like the comments, as well, mentioning Thatcher and Reagan -- both well deserved!

I'd throw in a Pope John Paul II Pilsner in there, too.