Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Nanny State Madness

Politicians are already bad enough, but what is it that makes them even less rational whenever alcohol policy comes up? In the UK, members of parliament are now calling for all sorts of statist intervention in the alcoholic beverages market in the name of public health and safety:

Pub happy hours should be banned and supermarkets stopped from selling alcohol at a loss in order to combat drink-fuelled disorder, MPs have said...

One possible solution for England and Wales, MPs said, would be legislation setting a minimum price on alcohol

Even the homeland of Adam Smith isn't safe:

In Scotland, new licensing laws include powers to fix alcohol prices to stop cut-price promotions and happy hours, and ministers in Edinburgh say they might seek to set minimum prices for drink.

Please vote these idiots out of office, especially chairman of the committee that issued the report, Labour MP Keith Vaz. (Via Fark)

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