Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Folly of Picking a "Favorite" Beer

Lew Bryson has some poignant thoughts on why he doesn't have a "favorite" beer:
Say I had a favorite movie [beer]. I'd own [stock] that movie [beer] on DVD [in a kegerator], and I'd watch [drink] it, what? Three times a week [day]? Good God, how soon would I be bored senseless [bored senseless] by it. No, instead, we joined Netflix [go to the local beer bar] and we watch [drink] different movies [beers] all the time. And sometimes we watch [drink] an old favorite again -- like The Quiet Man [Augustiner Maximator] or Big Trouble in Little China [Tröegs Nugget Nectar] -- but not that often.
Exactly. I've always responded to this question with "which is your favorite child?" although that may be a tad hyperbolic. I would say it's much easier to pick a "favorite" beer within a particular style, say a favorite tripel, a favorite doppelbock, a favorite old ale, etc.

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Maureen Ogle said...

When someone asks me that question, I always say "Whatever will taste good with whatever I'm about to eat."

Your answer is MUCH punchier! I may start using that instead.