Thursday, 17 July 2008

Beck's Launches New Art Initiative

Admiral writes in to share news that "Beck's is going to produce 27 million bottles of beer featuring designs by four Royal College of Art students." This is not the first time that Beck's has actively supported art:
The company supported some of the most radical art projects - including the pioneering art organisation Artangel - and funded the ICA's Beck's Futures, the edgy, brilliant and, at times, downright infuriating naughty younger brother of the Turner prize...

[Since 2006] the brewery has been concentrating on its Beck's Fusions and Beck's Canvas series. Fusions is a collaborative programme between musicians and artists, and Canvas involves the commissioning of young artists to design limited-edition labels for Beck's Beer.
A good example of private patronage of the arts.

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Admiral said...

Haha, thanks for the credit in links. I hope to start writing again after the Bar exam... so many backed up starred posts.

Keep up the good work here, a daily read of mine.