Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Update on House Small Brewers Caucus

Earlier, I profiled the House Small Brewers Caucus and promised to look into what they have been working on of late. I received an email update from them today and thought I'd pass along what I learned:
  • The caucus recently met with Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association. Topics discussed included the hops shortage and how small brewers are coping.
  • The caucus has written a letter to the TTB in support of a recent petition to exempt the commonplace/traditional addition of fruits, sugars, and spices from the TTB's formula approval process.
  • The caucus is also looking into issues such as being able to ship small quantities of home brew through the mail for the purposes of competition, but as alcohol regulation remains very much a state issue, there is a limit to what the caucus can accomplish on this issue.
If you have any input on these issues, or other issues related to craft- or homebrewing, contact information for the caucus is available on its website.

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