Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rustico's Hopsicles Back on the Menu

Rustico is a wonderful beer bar in Alexandria, Virginia which has just started serving "hopsicles" - frozen beer on a popsicle stick - again, after a year long legal battle. Though it wasn't available when I visited there last, Radley at Reason is a big fan of the Belgian kriek flavor.

Of course, like most good ideas, the government had a problem with it:
Virginia had an old law on the books stating that alcohol must be either served in its original container or immediately after pouring. After a year of negotiation, the "hopsicle" returned to Rustico earlier this month. There's also now a bill pending in the state legislature cementing the legal status of the frozen treat.
It's a good thing Andrew Cuomo is not Attorney General in Virginia, or Rustico would also be in trouble for marketing alcohol to minors.

I'm also curious on the practicalities here - since alcohol lowers the freezing point of water, it must take a colder freezer or a longer period of time to make these things, and they might melt faster than ordinary popsicles for the same reason.

Must... experiment... What other beers would taste great as hopsicles?

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