Monday, 14 July 2008

Map Helps You Chart a Course to Good Beer

I love technology:
The Beer Mapping Project is a website designed to help you, the beer geek, map out the locations of all your favorite beer meccas: Breweries, Brewpubs, Beer Bars, Beer Stores and even Homebrew Stores. Handy links will guide you to your specific region. From there, the power of Google maps will allow you to drag around the maps and zoom right to your favorite location. The different colored pushpin icons will help you identify the type and location of the brew spot you’re looking for. Don’t know where your favorite hangout is? Check the attached scrolling list of destinations and click and the software will center your map directly on that spot.

Colored icons help distinguish location types. Click on a specific beer location icon and another window will open showing you the street address, phone number, web site location and even a user community rating. The Google maps are so powerful; you can zoom in all the way down to the street level and even get a satellite view.
I would love to see something like this integrated into the Beerfly feature of - in the past I have copied and pasted addresses into Google Maps to get a feel for where they were located. If you can type in the address of where you're staying, and see the best-rated local places pop up, with user reviews show up as pins on the map... what's next? Beer bottles that open themselves?

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