Monday, 21 July 2008

Forbes Beer Monday: Iron Hill Ring of Fire

I didn't realize that Forbes' "Digital Download" blog had a "Beer Monday" feature. Last week David reviewed Iron Hill's Ring of Fire Porter:
To make Ring of Fire Porter, the Iron Hill guys age a batch of Pig Iron in a Tabasco pepper mash oak barrel. The heat and pepper flavors from the hot sauce mix into the beer -- and the result is an unusual and delicious drink.
Iron Hill may be having issues with over-priming:
After about three twists loosening the wires, the cork shot out of the bottle, ripping the cage out of my fingers, missing my face by a couple of inches, and leaving a small dent in the light fixture on the ceiling...

...the first pour was all foam. Ten minutes after opening, I managed to get some actual liquid into a glass.
But the results seem to be worth it. Both David and the reviewers at give Ring of Fire an A.

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