Friday, 18 July 2008

Bud Ad Agency Worried

Despite assurances from InBev CEO Carlos Brito that A-B's marketing budget will be maintained at present levels, A-B's ad agency executives are worried, according to Advertising Age.

We may be getting a first look at the cost cutting measures InBev will bring to A-B:
The executive said he expected his shop's fees to be cut, although he didn't fear losing the business altogether as a result of the ownership change.

One change he anticipates: having to research ad concepts before shooting them [emphasis added]. In the past, A-B has commissioned production on more ads than it may have needed, and it took the finished products into focus groups to decide which ads to run.

Wow, now there's a novel concept! "Measure twice, cut once..."

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AgentV said...

Ha, you got that right. Not only A-B but most other ad agencies are worried, albeit for different reasons.

Digital marketing is a beast that no one knows how to fight. Google is eating-in to ad agencies budgets.

Here are a few strategies for the ad agencies trying to stay alive: