Sunday, 30 July 2006

Beer Bar Review: Rustico Restaurant and Bar

Rustico Restaurant and Bar in Alexandria, VA
Rating: B+

Went here straight from work for Dogfish Head glass night. Man, the place was crowded!

Atmosphere: crowded because of the special event going on, but the inside seemed nice and the outside area I wound up hanging out at was well done as well, very comfortable, and I met some interesting people.

Quality: Well, the all the beers I had were good. Unfortunately, I only got one DFH glass because they ran out! Every bottled beer I ordered didn't come with a glass, which was frustrating. "Flights" of one style are offered, in which you can sample six beers in the same vein - a nice touch, I think.

Service: This was the disappointing part of the night. Our waitress was hard to track down, she put checks together that she shouldn't have, and I wasn't given a clean glass with each beer (although it did appear that an effort was made to at least serve styles in the proper glassware *the first time*). Not what I'd expect from a place that prides itself on beer. To be fair, it was extremely busy, as mentioned.

Selection: very very good on this aspect, not quite as good as Brickskeller, but damned good.

Food: I didn't have any of the food, but according to those I was talking to, it is average.

Value was reasonable for what I got, granted that includes one DFH beer I got free (bottom of the keg pour) and the glass that came with it.

Reviewed on: 07-31-2006 02:57:36

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