Thursday, 28 August 2008

Beer Thief Roundup

There never seems to be a dearth of stories on would-be beer thieves. Here's a round-up of recent news in this vein:
  • A couple of teens attempted an innovative kayak getaway after stealing beer from a tiki bar
  • Two University of Virginia football players were arrested for stealing beer from a gay bar
  • Twenty three people were arrested for stealing thirty cases of beer from what must have been the most crowded 7-11 ever
  • And in Colorado, the same man was arrested for stealing beer from a 7-11 (poor 7-11!) on two consecutive nights
Beer thieves... they're a special breed, and go to a special circle of hell prepared just for them - it's always hot, and a cold one is always just out of reach.

1 comment:

Naterock said...

Ha! yes, perfect. That would be my personal hell as well