Saturday, 2 August 2008

Beer's Napa Valley Prepares for DNC

In proof that everything is political, Colorado brewers are rolling out the red carpet for the Democratic National Convention coming to Denver, the "Napa Valley of Beer," this month:
  • Great Divide will be producing a "Liberally Hopped Pale Ale"
  • Avery will come out with a beer called "Ale to the Chief"
  • Breckenridge Brewery will be recasting one of its brewpubs as "CNN Grill" for the duration of the convention and produce a creatively named "CNN Brew"
  • Wynkoop will offer "a special 'Obamanator' Maibock strong brew just for the DNC"
  • and Coors, a company whose Chairman ran for Senate as a Republican, is donating ethanol fuel for the DNC's "green" convention, and is providing all the beer for DNC Host Committee events
Are these breweries supporting their home city, letting their political colors show, or just hedging their bets, like Wal-Mart, recognizing that this is likely to be a good year for the Democrats?

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