Friday, 1 August 2008

"Big Beer" and Craft Brewing

Thanks to a reader for sending in an article from my own local paper, the Sun-Sentinel, on "big" beer and the craft brewing industry:
After a shakeout in the mid 1990s, the nation's remaining 1,400 craft brewers have a stronger hold on shelf space and restaurant menus. Anheuser-Busch and Coors are making their own line of full-flavored beers. And the Brewers Association's book Start Your Own Brewery has sold more than 1,000 copies.

"A brewery in every town is not so crazy to think about in the future," she said. "It all goes back to the movement of consuming products that are locally produced.

"Who would have ever thought that Denver, Colo., would become the Napa Valley of beer?" she said. More than 60 breweries lie within in a 100-mile radius of Denver.
The story also includes an interview with CEO of Deschutes Brewery, Gary Fish.

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