Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Olympic Beer

Via China Law Blog, Ben Ross reports that this may be the most affordable Olympics ever - even the beer!
Tickets range from around $4 (USD) to $20, and with the dirt cheap concessions (they sell beers for 70 cents!) this Olympics has turned into the biggest bargain entertainment I have ever experienced. So far I have seen, boxing, handball, soccer, basketball (no US), water polo, judo, beach volleyball (twice) and baseball (twice), drank heavily at most events and still probably haven't spent more than $100 USD. There is never going to be another Olympics this affordable ever…unless they decide to have it in Myanmar at some point.
Chinese beer typically comes in glass bottles of around 600ml which can cost less than 70 cents, but I can't imagine glass at a sporting event, so these are probably concession cups.

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