Sunday, 3 August 2008

Scammed by M&S?

I bought a five-pack of "Beers of the World" at Marks & Spencer last month, fully expecting disappointing macro lagers but noting that at least they were all macro-lagers that I had not tried. My suspicions were aroused, however, when I discovered that not a single one of the beers in the pack is in the BeerAdvocate database.

The pack includes:
  • "Ashadha" Indian lager
  • "Castillo" Spanish beer
  • "Birra d'Oro" from Italy
  • "Etoile D'or" from Belgium
  • Oh, and another "Castillo" - now I feel even more scammed!
I suppose this is some one-off, custom-labeled marketing gimmick. The package notes that all the beers are brewed in the EU, including the Indian beer (although the label indicates is brewed under license and under the supervision of an Indian brewmaster).

Others be warned: stay away! I'll report back on how they actually taste, but my expectations are now even lower than they were originally...

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