Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How Do You Review?

This post on Lifehacker got me thinking... what is your preferred way to review beer? Trusting your memory is never a good idea. Since your recollections of taste and aroma fade or change over time, it's best to write down your perceptions while you taste.

When possible, I prefer to review in front of a computer. With handwriting like mine, it's as a rule more convenient to type than to write long-hand. Additionally, you have the advantage of reading what others have said, sometimes pointing out things you might otherwise have missed. Obviously, though, it's not always possible to review in front of a computer. When drinking with friends at a bar, or at a beer festival, how do you review?

Napkins are ubiquitous at bars, but can make you look suspicious. I have a Moleskine planner with interspersed blank pages that I have used on occasion, which looks slightly less weird, but I don't always have it on me. At beer festivals, my programs often have notes scrawled in the margins, but they're hardly legible. What is your preferred solution? How do you review?

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