Sunday, 31 August 2008

High Prices Lure New Hops Farmers

Via Maureen Ogle, The Wall Street Journal has a story on new farmers of hops. Following the laws of supply and demand, these entrepreneurs are responding to high prices with more production:
Mr. Polley is among a small but rising number of newcomers to attempt to grow hops on a commercial scale outside the Pacific Northwest, America's haven for hops. One of the most obscure crops in a long line of agriculture commodities to enjoy a recent price boom, hops are sprouting in numerous other locales, from Colorado to Wisconsin to New York. The growers aim to capitalize on hop prices that are as much as sixfold higher than a few years ago, as well as the nation's boom in small-batch "craft" brewers, like Colorado's New Belgium Brewing Co. and Odell Brewing Co., which are thirsty for locally grown hops.
The latest issue of BeerAdvocate magazine also has a feature on growing hops. My dad and I looked into it once, but apparently the climate in Florida (surprise!) isn't ideal.

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Douglas said...

How about in Cape Breton?