Saturday, 9 August 2008

Reverend Gives Beer a Try

Hugh sends in this satirical news item from Lark News:
After stepping down from the pastorate last month after fifty years in ministry, Albert Finley did something no one expected: he had his first beer.
"I was curious what it actually tasted like, after all these years of preaching against it," he says.
The good Reverend Finley tries a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and finds himself hooked:
Finley says he relishes the flavor of hops and barley, and favors darker stouts and the more robust ales to the pale lagers. He always thought post-ministry life would be "sort of puttering around the house, praying for the world and so forth." But beer has changed his mind.
"I subscribe to a beer of the month club, so every week I have a new bottle in my fridge to try. Sometimes that’s my main reason for waking up," he says.
Maybe his next sermon will include Jesus turning water into weizen?

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