Friday, 29 August 2008

Obama Targets Young Beer Drinkers

Some timely beer-related campaign news, via Best of the Web. As James Taranto spins it, tongue firmly in cheek, "Barack Obama is using beer on draft, registering drunk college students to vote:"
At the University of Detroit Mercy, Lauren Wolfe, a 25-year-old superdelegate, set out cautiously with her clipboard to hit the bars to register Democrats to vote. Wayne County, which houses the university, has more than 1,400 businesses licensed to sell alcohol.

"We were shocked by the amount of people that really responded," says Ms. Wolfe. "We had one guy who had just moved from New York and knew that his vote in New York didn't mean as much as it did in Michigan. He was like, 'I'm so glad that you guys are here because I probably never would have actually switched my registration.'"
Go to where the votes are, I suppose? Fortunately for the now-finalized McCain-Palin ticket, I suppose, turnout among my demographic is notoriously and perennially low. I'm sure Maureen Ogle could draw some comparisons to the old practices of buying rounds on election day?

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Douglas said...

I remember that they used to close the bars in Chicago on election day. For good reason.