Monday, 27 August 2007

Beer Bar Review: Hong Kong Brew House

Hong Kong Brew House in Hong Kong
Rating: B

In LKF so you know it's on the louder side. Free peanuts available as you drink. Never had any food (if they have any). Good place to finish up a night after you've left an (even louder) club and have a decent beer. Selection is decent, with a good number of Belgians and one of the better selections of American craft beer in HK (not that that's saying much). Service is decent but unexceptional.

That said, I only tried one of the house selections, the pale ale, and came away very unimpressed. To be fair, I was expecting an APA and it turned out to be an EPA, but it was unimpressive enough to dissuade me from trying any of the other house beers. Points for effort, being perhaps the ONLY "brewpub" in Hong Kong?

Reviewed on: 08-28-2007 00:48:20

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