Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Review: 2-6-0

2-6-0 from Pennichuck Brewing Company, Inc.
Rating: D

I debated whether to post a review for this one, but it looks like I was not the only one who had this impression, and with so few reviews, I'd imagine more input is better input as far as the brewery is concerned - good or bad. Appearance is fine, brown-amber in color, decent head & retention. Never drank enough of it to get a feel for lacing. Smell is sour, cidery, and reminiscent of over-ripe fruit. Not appealing. Wondering if I had a bad bottle. Taste matches: sour, over-ripe. Mouthfeel would have been fine for the style, drinkability is, unfortunately, poor - I've never poured so much beer down the drain before. If I was the only one describing the same thing, I wouldn't have posted this review, but apparently it wasn't a bad bottle - maybe a bad batch?

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 08-13-2007 23:16:33

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