Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Review: He'Brew Messiah Bold

He'Brew Messiah Bold from Shmaltz Brewing Company (He'Brew)
Rating: B+

Appearance: very dark, not quite opaque, with some dark red highlights. Good head and lacing.

Smell: lots of dark chocolate, and some caramel. Not much in the way of hops.

Taste: chocolate, caramel, enough bitterness to back it up. Nutty finish. A little bit on the sweeter side.

Mouthfeel: rich and creamy, very nice, but light enough to be drinkable.

Drinkability: could easily be a dessert beer. a little too sweet to be a sessioner. Better than the last couple nut browns I've had in brewpubs.

Serving type: on-tap

Reviewed on: 07-25-2006 02:17:19

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