Sunday, 9 July 2006

Brewpub Review: Gordon Biersch

Gordon Biersch in Washington DC
Rating: B

Met a friend here for dinner.

Atmosphere was fine, very open so it appeared big. Not particularly loud (this was a Thursday night). Most of the tables aren't very private, however, so probably not an intimate date place.

Quality was decent. Two of the beers stood out for me, the Czech Pilsener and the Maerzen. The others were all a little lack-luster.

No complaints about service, the waitress was very helpful and knew about the beers that were offered, though she admitted that she wasn't a big beer fan before she started working at GB and realized that "all beer doesn't taste the same."

Many different beers (and plenty of food!) are offered, from kolsch to hefe weizen, to scharzbier. There's a big enough variety to show someone who is new to beer that "all beer doesn't taste the same," but the selection is limited to German styles. Once someone starts warming up to beer, you want to show them a Belgian pale ale, or an IPA, but nothing of that kind is going to be available at GB. One definite plus for the selection category was that their sampler (a shotglass of each beer offered) is free. Definitely encourages trying new things!

As for food, I ordered the cajun pasta, and devoured every bit. She had the ginger salmon and left some, but the bit I had of that was quite good too. For an appetizer, we had the fried artichoke, which was excellent.

Reviewed on: 07-09-2006 22:24:40

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