Monday, 3 July 2006

Review: Bavaria Draught

Bavaria Draught from Bavaria Brouwerij N.V.
Rating: C

Appearance: moderate foamy white head, disippates quickly, golden color, very clear, tiny bit of lacing.

Smell: distinct lager smell, I thought I detected a hint of adjunct, but since it calls itself an "all natural traditional brew" maybe I'm being hasty.

Taste: More bitter than I expected - good. Definitely no corn in here, but I can't put my finger on what is, exactly.

Mouthfeel: Very highly carbonated - perhaps excessive. Fills you up quick.

Drinkability: Could be a good thirst quencher. Not sure how different the "draught" can is from the normal Bavaria, but it's hard to imagine it's an improvement.

Serving type: can

Reviewed on: 07-03-2006 03:21:38

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