Sunday, 2 July 2006

Brewpub Review: Brewer's Art

Brewer's Art in Baltimore, MD
Rating: A

Neat place, very enjoyable. Liked it so much I bought one of their glasses.

Atmosphere can be summed up as "something for everyone." Because it's in an old townhouse, the place is divided into several rooms. The bar is located in one, then there's a classy "lounge" area that serves the bar grub, then there are two dining room areas, and then downstairs there's a dark, informal bar area. We sat in the "lounge" area between the bar and the dining rooms in two very comfortable chairs.

Quality of the beers was generally high. My favorite of the night was "Tiny Tim," a rosemary beer that went very well with the garlic-rosemary fries we started out with. The Proletary and the Ozzy were also very good, while the Sluggo left something to be desired.

Service was just "okay," but that's partly our own fault for sitting in the middle area. Servers would come by and ask if we needed anything from time to time, but once the place got busy, we had to go to the bar to order anything. Once an order was placed, however, service was fairly prompt. Pours were a little hit and miss - sometimes you got a nice head, sometimes you didn't.

Selection is exceptional. As I've noted, the place is really "something for everyone." There are of course the Brewer's Art beers, but there's also a long list of craft and imported beer, including lots of Belgians. In addition to that, there's a menu of bar food you can order in the bar areas, a menu of classy entrees (rabbit fricassie, duck, etc.), and a selection of nice desserts, spirits and wine as well. Exceptional.

We were very happy with the food we ordered, even though it was "just" from the bar grub menu. The rosemary-garlic fries were a touch greasy, but they went perfectly with the beer I had ordered. The ceasar salad was presented very well - far beyond what I was expecting ordering from the bar grub menu. I'm sure we would have been even more pleased with the food if we'd sat down in the dining room area, but the theory was that less expensive food would mean more money for beer.

Reviewed on: 07-02-2006 14:12:26

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